Mr Holmes’ Advent Calendar Vol. 3


Auf Englisch: Vol. 3 des Advents-Bestsellers!

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Mr Holmes’ Advent Calendar Vol. 3

An Abominable Snowman at Piccadilly Circus? Of course Mr Holmes takes up the chase immediately. Once again, Advent proves to be anything but peaceful for the world-famous sleuth. Has a forger been cheating the welfare system? Who poisoned the plum pudding? And what about the suspicious-looking Santa who climbed down a chimney with an empty sack and back up again with a full one!

Mr Holmes‘ Advent Calendar Vol. 3 is simply brimming with 24 brand-new solve-it-yourself Christmas crimes for all the family. A story a day throughout the Advent season. Flip the page to see the solution and the next case waiting. Find the murderer or decode a secret message. Can you solve the mystery faster than the legendary master detective?


Produkt Adventskalender
Sprache Englisch
Umfang 25 Blatt

Ausgabe Tischkalender
Maße 14,8 x 14,8 cm


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